Leadership checklist

It is sometimes said that many people may become managers but few have what it takes to become a leader.

What is the difference?

Management is about implementing, administering, and planning within predictable, controllable parameters.

Leadership is about looking beyond the predictable, identifying hidden opportunities (and dangers) – and inspiring people to reach out and meet them.

The last point is perhaps the most important. It is one thing to have vision; it is something else to persuade others to share it.

How do you score?

Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Answer the questions below to find out:


Leadership checklist True False
When challenges arise, I try to look at situations from at least two perspectives, one of which is fresh and quite different from our normal ways of solving things
I regard threats as opportunities and always look for ways to turn weaknesses into strengths
I am prepared to take calculated risks
I encourage innovation and continuous improvement
I spend more time listening than I do talking
I turn words into actions and lead by example
I never expect my staff to do something I would not be willing to do myself
I use delegation to empower others, not just to offload tasks I don’t want to do
When I ask someone to do something I try to ensure they understand the purpose of doing it
I reward people according to results
I encourage an atmosphere of collaboration and trust rather than competitiveness and distrust among my staff
I constantly create opportunities for my staff to develop their skills and broaden their experience

Check your score

How many questions did you answer with True?

10 -12 – Great leadership material – you probably do not need telling what to do about it!

8 – 10 – Very promising, but take the time to think about how you could improve your people skills, and don’t lose sight of your vision.

Less than 8 – Don’t give up, you can still make it. Leaders are not born, they are made!