Bookkeeping And Payroll

Rel Integral can provide bookkeeping services for you wherever your location.
We have teams of experienced bookkeepers throughout London and we can also provide you with accountancy and payroll services as part of an outsourced package.
We can arrange for you to have the same experienced bookkeeper regularly on site with you at your offices, providing you with all the bookkeeping services that you need.
Alternatively, we can also provide a remote bookkeeping service if preferred. In this case you can either email or post the required documents to us and we can do all the work for you remotely.
We can also access your accounting software remotely and one of our bookkeepers can do all the work logged in to one of your office PCs.
However you like things to work, we’re there to make things as easy as possible for you.
Please contact our team today to find out more.