Identify your star employees

When it comes to contributing to the profitability of your business, can you identify your star employees?

Enthusiastic employees are what make a business stand out from the rest. Proficiency and skill are important, but it is only when they are combined with vigour and commitment that your business really starts to move forward.

To help you identify those employees who will champion your drive for improved profitability we have compiled this checklist.

Print the checklist and use it to evaluate your own employees.


Employee checklist Yes No
Tackles problems head-on rather than side-stepping them
Accepts responsibility when things go wrong
Challenges criticism of the company
Is rarely, if ever, late for work or meetings
Completes projects according to deadlines
Volunteers for assignments even if uncertain of success
Bases decisions on facts, not just his or her own opinion
Is not just looking for “an easy life” and to be as worry-free as possible
Doesn’t transfer or release good people who disagree with him or her
Sees delegating as more than a way of getting rid of unpleasant chores
Is willing to plan for the future, not just work on current tasks
Wants to be involved in recruiting and selecting new staff
Prefers to make criticisms in private rather than public
Engages personally with all staff, including subordinates
Is interested in talented or promotable people, and is willing to praise them
Will listen to answers or solutions provided by subordinates
Is willing to constructively criticise you
Is willing to take risks
Delivers bad news as soon as possible, without letting problems fester
Is willing to work beyond conventional hours
Is happy to go on self-improvement courses, even if not paid for by the company or in office hours
Is focused on the future rather than the ‘good old days’

How does each employee score?

Count the number of ‘Yes’ answers for each employee.

16 or more: This person is active, inspirational, and accountable, a real star employee. Don’t let him or her get away!

10 -15: With proper coaching and management, this person can rise to greater responsibility within your organisation.

5-9: This person is tentative and perhaps uninspired, and might even make areas of your business vulnerable. Be wary of signs of improvement or further decline.

0-4: This person could be a serious impediment to profitability. You might want to ask yourself why you are continuing to employ him or her!