Effective time management

The cliché states that ‘time is money’ and in a fast-paced working environment, it is particularly important to develop good time management skills.

Use the checklist below to see if yours could be improved.

Time Management Skills Checklist


Management identify the most important issues, and deal with them first
Staff ‘diary’ the important jobs, and turn to them in order of importance
The less important jobs are always delegated appropriately
Staff are able to deal with the jobs they are given
Punctuality is a company policy
Meetings are meaningful and impose a clear-cut agenda
Distractions such as personal e-mail and calls are kept to a minimum
Important tasks are tackled when people are at their most productive
Staff are given rewards and incentives to encourage productivity
Our current system allows some time for dealing with unexpected issues

How did you do?

Count the total number of ‘yes’ answers you have given.

9-10 Well done – now you just have to make sure that you maintain your high standards of efficiency!

6-8 Use the checklist to identify and prioritise areas of weakness, and focus on improving these.

1-5 The first thing you should do with your time is review your time management! As things stand, you are at risk of damaging your bottom line through inefficiency.